Polygon Task

The challenge is to program the robot to trace the polygon. Programming the robot to follow a regular polygon reinforces understanding of the properties of 2D shapes and incorporates measurement of distance and angles in terms of wheel rotations, which requires multiplication and proportional thinking.

Materials needed:
Boys working on tracing a polygon with a robot
  • Tape for marking a polygon on floor.
  • Alternatively, print mats on smooth vinyl Estimated costs: approximately CAD 50 per mat. Email us to get a downloadable link.
  • Basic EV3 robot built from the instruction manual (no sensors needed).
Key understandings:
  • Relates length of polygon side to robot’s wheel rotations by estimating measurement and movement.
  • Relates angle of polygon to robot’s wheel rotations by estimating measurement and movement.
  • Translates measurements into programming code to move a robot a specific distance and turn a specific angle.
Advanced understanding of programming code:
  • Uses a loop program for the robot to trace out a regular polygon.

We have 4 different shapes available that should be printed on 3′ x 3′ vinyl mats. Email us if you would like a copy.

If you would like any further information on number sense and how it can be learnt using robots, please read:

Francis, K., & Poscente, M. (2016). Building number sense with Lego® robots. Teaching Children Mathematics, 23(5), 310–314. https://doi.org/10.5951/teacchilmath.23.5.0310

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