Move Steering – Summary

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Summary Table

The following table summarizes some of the insights of parts 1, 3 and 3; including example steering setting and explanations, associated robot movements on the Steering Mat, and an illustration of the steering differential.

Improved Robot Maneuvering

In our many years of bringing robotics to classrooms, we have noticed how completing Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Move Steering Task improves students’ precise maneuvering of the robot in more advanced/complex robotics challenges.

For instance, in one observed class the next task was the Pine Beetle Challenge. Students noticed that the robot had to turn at 100% steering to maneuver around the 90o angle corners. They were also able to closely estimate the number of wheel rotations for these turns, making the trial and error testing quite short. These two videos were taken on the first day the classroom tried the Pine Beetle Challenge:

Video 1: and
Video 2: https:/

Note how precisely each robot moves forward and turns.

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