Board Games and Mathematics

Qwirkle | Shifting Stones | NMBR9 | Carcassonne

Playing with board games provide important opportunities for developing logical and spatial reasoning: two crucial skills for success in mathematics. With the support of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, we are studying the intersection of play, board games, spatial and mathematical reasoning. We are finding playing board games contributes to thinking mathematically. As spatial skills improve, strategic thinking also improves as students optimize the positioning of game tiles against their opponents next moves.

On this site, we are going to share the resources we developed with teachers in the classroom. These resources will include illustrative examples of students learning and teaching resources

  • prompts and ideas for structuring board game play in classrooms,
  • reflection materials to gauge student understanding of the game play as well as spatial and logical reasoning.

So far, we have started sharing resources for Qwirkle, Shifting Stones, NMBR9, and Carcassonne.

This project is in collaboration with Dr. Janelle McFeetors at the University of Alberta. You can find more board game play resources on her site Learning Math with Games.

Please cite this site as: Francis, K. (2023). Inspiring STEM Education.