EV3 Programming Sensors

Sensors add environmental feedback and using <IF-THEN-ELSE> Blocks allows the robot to make responsive decisions about its next course of action. 
We used the educational kit of EV3 Robots, which provided us with 4 different sensors:

  • the touch sensor,
  • the ultrasonic sensor,
  • the color sensor (or, light sensor), and
  • the gyroscope sensor.

There are also many other sensors available at an additional cost. The touch sensor reacts to contact similar to an on-off button. The ultrasonic sensor returns relative or exact measures of distance. The color sensor detects colors and light intensity. The gyroscope sensor measures angular acceleration (how much the sensor rotates). Each of these sensors can lead your inquiry into many different areas of science allowing you to tailor your planning to the Program of Studies.

We have compiled a collection of simple exercises that help you and your students learn to use the sensors.

Please use the links below to select which sensor you want to learn more about.

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