Move Forward Exercise Part 1

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1) Drag a <Move Steering Block> onto the programming chain. Notice that the number of wheel rotations is set to 1. Download your program by pressing play.

2) How far did the robot travel? Measure with a meter stick.

Hint: You can use the wheel holder to line up your robot.

3) On the meter stick, mark how far the robot travels with 1 rotation.
Hint: Use tape and a pencil for marking.

4) Now, program the robot to move forward 2 wheel rotations.
How far did your robot travel?

5) Estimate (guess) how far will the robot move with 4 wheel rotations?


Program your robot to move 4 rotations and measure how far it goes

6) Challenge Question:

Robot moving length of measuring stick

The kids in the photo estimated that the robot travels 72 cm with 3 rotations.

They put some tape on the floor.

Is their estimate correct? Will the robot travel 72 cm?


Program your robot to move 3 rotations and measure how far it goes.

© 2020 Dr. Krista Francis & Stefan Rothschuh