Move Forward Exercise Part 1

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1) Place a pipe cleaner on the middle of the outer edge of the tire. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the wheel. When the pipe cleaner meets the end of the pipe cleaner, bend the other end over. Uncoil the pipe cleaner and measure how long the pipe cleaner is. Note: this distance is the circumference of the wheel.

2) Drag a <Move> Block onto the programming canvas. Notice that the number of wheel rotations is set to 1. Download your program by pressing play.

3) How far did the robot travel? Measure with a meter stick.

Hint: You can use the wheel holder to line up your robot.

4) On the meter stick, mark how far the robot travels with 1 rotation.
Hint: Use tape and a pencil for marking.

5) Now, program the robot to move forward 2 wheel rotations.
How far did your robot travel?

6) Estimate (guess) how far will the robot move with 4 wheel rotations?


Program your robot to move 4 rotations and measure how far it goes

7) Challenge Question:

Robot moving length of measuring stick

The kids in the photo estimated that the robot travels 72 cm with 3 rotations.

They put some tape on the floor.

Is their estimate correct? Will the robot travel 72 cm?


Program your robot to move 3 rotations and measure how far it goes.

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