Race to the Wall Challenge

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Task Description

The goal is to get your robot as close to the wall as you can without touching it, as fast as you can, and have your Lego person remain standing on top of the robot for the entire race.

  • Which robot was the fastest?
  • Which robot got the closest?
  • Whose Lego person remained standing?

Watch a video of a Race to the Wall Challenge here: https://vimeo.com/292340498


  • The robot must start behind the start line.
  • Your Lego person must stand freely on the robot. They cannot sit nor can they be strapped or tethered in any way.
  • The programming can make use of a sensor, but it is optional for this challenge.

Materials Needed

  • EV 3 Robot in base configuration.
  • Masking tape to mark a starting line on the floor. The start line should be parallel and about 4-5 feet from a wall.
  • 1 Lego person for each robot.

Note for Teachers

  • Students learn and practice estimating distance in this challenge, i.e., they associate distance traveled with the number of wheel rotations selected.
  • If the robot starts with too much power, the Lego person will fall off.
  • Mathematics: To push mathematical thinking, limit the number of tries students can have. With limited tries, students are more likely to use measurement and proportional thinking to complete the task.
  • The robot travels 17.6 cm with each wheel rotation.
  • Decimals may be needed to approach the wall as closely as possible.
  • Sensors are optional for this challenge. The use of sensors is explained here: https://stem-education.ca/?page_id=310

Find a printable version of this page HERE.

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